Captain's Corner - Brian Byrnes

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Captain’s Corner: Stepinac’s Brian Byrnes


The Captain’s Corners continue this week with another Stepinac star, linebacker Brian Byrnes. If you want to see a player, son, teammate or friend that is a captain featured here, shoot me an e-mail at

And if you’ve missed our previous Q and As, you can find them all at the bottom of the post.

Name: Brian Byrnes
School: Archbishop Stepinac High School
Year: 2011
Jersey number: 54
Height: 6’1”
Offensive position: FB
Defensive position: MLB
What is your favorite part about football?: My favorite part about football is being on a team that is like your second family. Football brings players from all different backrounds trying to work for one common goal — winning — with great coaches at Stepinac that helps us on the field and also off the field. The coaches always have time for their players.

What do you do to prepare for games?: For every game we play, we prepare as a team with scounting reports that our coaches prepare for our team. Then as a captain of the defensive team, I make sure that everyone understands their role for the different deffensive formations.

What did it mean to be named a captain?: First I am proud and honored to be named captain of my team. I also feel humble that my teammates and coaches have enough confidence in me. Hopefully I will live up to the challenge of this responsibility.

As a captain, what will it take to be a leader?: I will do my best to lead by example so my teammates and younger players can look up to me and also respect the position. Also, when things aren’t going well, I will be the one to step up and serve my role as a leader.

Who is your team’s best teammate? Why?: Tyrell Goodman is one of the best teammates for multipule reasons. First, Tyrell is a great athlete on the football field. He can easily play multiple positions, not just quarterback. Second, he is a great leader because he really motivates the team by his example. Tyrell never takes a play off and people follow and do the same.

Who is the best athlete on your team? Why?: Donnie Simmons is one of the best athletes on the team. I am amazed to see Donnie at 6-foot-3, weighing 230 pounds, running a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash. And I am very impressed on how strong he is in the weight room.

Who is your funniest teammate?: Jeff Clack is the funniest on the team beacuse he always has something to say. Also, when he does say things he has the whole team laughing.

What are your team’s goals for the season?: Our teams goal is to win the CHSFL AA championship and also to work hard every practice and not take days off.

What will it take for you to achieve them?: To achieve this major goal, we must be dedicated to win and strive to win every game. From August 23 to Thanksgiving, we must go 100 percent and never give up as a team.

After high school, what’s your next step?: My next step after high school is playing college football and strive to succeed academically.