Captains Corner- Caleb Gilligan Evans

Posted Monday, July 19, 2010 by
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Captains Corner- Caleb Gilligan Evans

Posted Monday, July 19, 2010 by

Captain’s Corner: Stepinac’s Caleb Gilligan-Evans


You didn’t hear much from me the last few days because I spent my weekend over here. But there will be plenty to share this week.

First up, check back around noon today when the discussion will start about this season’s Super 11 candidates. That’s one you don’t want to miss for two reasons: 1. Because it’s sure to be a lively debate. 2. Because I want to hear your suggestions.

We’ll start with a new batch of Captain’s Corners. Today’s features one of the top rising juniors in the area, a player who has already made a name for himself in Caleb Gilligan-Evans.

I already have a few more Q and As on the horizon, but if you want to suggest a captain shoot me an e-mail at

Name: Caleb Gilligan-Evans
School: Archbishop Stepinac High School
Year: 2012
Jersey number: 27
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 230
Offensive position: FB
Defensive position: LB

What is your favorite part about football?: The thing I like most about football is the way your team becomes a family. You work hard together and fight through adversity to achieve your goals. There’s no greater feeling in sports.

What do you do to prepare for games?: Before game time I like to be alone. I listen to music and just sit and relax. Once I get myself in the right mindset I know that I’m ready to play.

What did it mean to be named a captain?: Being made a captain means that I’ve lived up to the high standard of Stepinac football through my hard work and commitment. It is an exceptional honor to be recognized as one of this team’s leaders because we have great guys in the program.

As a captain, what will it take to be a leader?: For me, being a captain means leading by example. I’ve never been one of those loud, yelling guys who pumps the whole team up. I believe in being a role model for younger players. Being a captain means that I have to work even harder because I’ll be someone who other players will look to in the crucial minutes when a play has to be made.

Who is your team’s best teammate? Why?: We are all good teammates but Brian Byrnes stands out. He shows up for every practice ready to work hard without any complaints. Brian gives the whole team confidence and we know that when the game’s on the line we can look to him to come through with a big play.

Who is the best athlete on your team? Why?: Donnie Simmons hands down. He’s one of the strongest kids on the team and at 6-3, 230, he runs a 4.5 40 with ease. He has the perfect combination of size, strength and speed to make him a nightmare for opposing offenses.

Who is your funniest teammate?: It has to be Jeff Clack. He can turn around any tense situation to make the whole team and the coaches laugh. We never know what’s gonna come out of his mouth next.

What are your team’s goals for the season?: We want to win the CHSFL AA championship. We have other specific game-by-game goals, but the most important thing is winning the championship.

What will it take for you to achieve them?: It will take hard work, commitment and dedication from everybody. The whole team has to give its all everyday, whether its in the weight room, at practice or in meetings.

After high school, what’s your next step?: My next step will be to attend a competitive college that suits my academic preferences and to continue my football career at the college level.