Captains Corner- Donnie Simmons

Posted Friday, July 09, 2010 by Josh Thompson

Captain’s Corner: Stepinac’s Donnie Simmons



I’ll have more from him tomorrow on his decision to commit to Syracuse, but first check out our Q and A with Stepinac star Donnie Simmons. As always, if you have a captain to suggest for a future post, shoot me an e-mail at

Name: Donnie Simmons, Jr.
School: Archbishop Stepinac High School
Jersey Number: 41
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 230
Offensive position: TE
Defensive position: DE

What is your favorite part about football?: The game allows you to put your true physical and athletic talent to the test and enables you to show people what you’re truly made of.


What do you do to prepare for games?: I listen to my iPod (meditate, in a way) and I say a couple of prayers before I get in the game.

What did it mean to be named captain?: It meant that I was able to demonstrate a tremendous amount of work ethic, leadership and commitment to the team. Being captain also means that you have to be a good role model for the younger players to look up to.

As a captain, what will it take to be a leader?: As a captain, leadership always takes place when you are in the face of crunch time in game situations. When the game is tied 7-7 in the fourth quarter, you need that somebody to give teammates confidence and hope that they’re going to win the game.

Who is your team’s best teammate? Why?: I think that Bryan Byrnes is the team’s best teammate because not only does he show great leadership on the field, but he also gives people faith. When things are not going our way, he raises our spirits high so that we can try harder on the next play.

Who is the best athlete on your team? Why?: Tyrell Goodman is probably the most athletic because as a QB he brings a lot to the table. Not only can he be a great pocket-passer but he can also be very quick running the ball and gives the opposing defense a scare because of how physical he runs the ball and how hard it is to bring him down.

Who is your funniest teammate?: Jeff Clack is the funniest — hands down — because almost everything he says has everybody in tears.

What are your team’s goals for the season?: Our team goal is winning the (CHSFL) “AA” championship. We also have the potential to be undefeated as well, but our main objective is to get that ring.

What will it take for you to achieve them?: It will take long hours in the weight room, locker room sessions (going over plays and schemes), practicing at 100 percent, never giving up on a play, and working as a team.

After high school, what’s your next step?: My next step is to excel academically and become a better player overall when I get to college to ensure my success on and off the field.



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