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Posted Monday, June 21, 2010 by On the boards

Athletes of the Meets: Frosh/Soph Cities, County Weekend, Varsity Cities

Posted Sunday, May 30, 2010 by John Benvin

Athletes of the Meets:
For the Final races of the Frosh/Soph squads this season, the athletes that stand out the most goes to Sophomores Tyler Bernstein and Adrian Wynne. Both runners have had outstanding seasons in their respected races. Bernstein was a consistent sprinter who would always finish the 400M dash with a strong kick and a sub 60 second time. Wynne would break the 5 minute mile barrier on more than one occasion.

On the Varsity side of things; the Athletes that stepped up greatly, that were the “go-to” guys, the workhorses that gave the Stepinac Track & Field team the recognition it has gotten in the Westchester County Championships, and the CHSAA Intersectional Championships, Senior Brandon McGeever and Junior Tyrell Goodman are the most outstanding on this short list. Both Throwers have had great success on the back end of the long and eventful season. The top finishes in Javelin, Hammer, Discus, and High Jump have resulted in the Stepinac Squad finishing top 10 , and within striking distance of the high numbered, full depth squads from all over the County, and the CHSAA.